Docker + Kubernetes Online Training

Duration: 25 - 30 Hrs.

linux administrator training in india

Why to Learn Docker and Kubernetes ?

1. To be a or two Step ahead in your team.

About the Course

This Course is Designed for working professional

Course Content.

-- Docker Overview ---
Docker Architecture
Images and layers
Underlying technology of Docker like namespaces, cgroups etc.,
Docker CE Vs Docker EE and supported platforms
Pulling images from Docker registry
The Docker Hub
Docker Engine Installation on Linux Servers (CentOS/Ubuntu)
Docker commands
Images, ps, pull, push, run, create, commit, attach, exec, cp, rm, rmi, 
login, export, import, pause, unpause, system, volumes, build, rename, 
save, tag, network, logs, port, search, history

Docker network
Container volume management
Creating custom network (bridge)
Building custom images using Dockerfile and through container and pushing to the Docker hub
Creating containers with limited resources (CPU, memory etc.,)
Building apache with mysql database storage using Dockerfile
Assigning/remove multiple network to the running container.
Selecting storage driver for the Docker Engine
Setting limit on the resource like CPU, memory for running container
Container lifecycle

--- Kubernetes ---

Mastering in KUBERNETES  

Kubernetes Basics:
    Kubernetes Setup On VM.
    Introduction to Kops (on aws).
    Running first app on Kubernetes.
    Scenario with working example
Perform Kubernetes essential commands:
    POD, Replicaset, Replication Controller, Deployment 
    Secrets, Services  
    POD Autoscaling
    Rolling Updates
    POD CPU and Memory reservation
    Bring down complete cluster and recover back
    Service Discovery using DNS
    Config Map
    Volumes and Volumes Auto provisioning(EmptyDir,NFS,AWS)
    Pod Disruption 
    Daemon Sets
    Resource Usage Monitoring
    Scenario with working example
Kubernetes administration:
    The Kubernetes Master Services
    Resource Quotas
    User Management RBAC
    Node Maintenance
    Scenario with working example

Service with LoadBalancer.:
    Health checks.
    Deploy 4 VM's running centos7 or other Linux.
    SH to to VM1 and configure it Kubernetes master node
    Scenario with working example